MISSION: Our mission is to increase female participation in outdoor activities.

Everything we do is mission-based and is designed to create opportunities to Jump In, Jump Up, and Jump Out. This is your chance to get involved with the life you’ve always dreamed of—and share the one you’re living—with females in your local community and all over the world! We are here to create and share the new “cover girls;” the new inspiration of what it means to “jump” to reach your highest potential.

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Women of all ages…


We create activities and events that directly help those who might never otherwise have the chance to experience the benefits of challenging oneself in the outdoors.


Already actives
Women looking for a supportive community to try new things, get better at what they already do, as well as have opportunities to give back and share what they know and love…


Elite athletes who are positive female role models and are looking to give back through sharing their skills and stories. We are a voice for the up-and-coming athletes, and a place to share with the community. With the goal of offering young girls real role models through story and action, these athletes have the opportunity to be directly involved in encouraging other women to take a “jump.”

Regardless of if you’re JUMPING IN, JUMPING UP or JUMPING OUT, you have the potential to be directly involved in encouraging other women to take a “jump.”

The Girafficorn

by Lynsey Dyer

The Girafficorn represents picking one’s head up above the the chaos, distraction or any disappointments of everyday life. Things that would otherwise have us confused, overwhelmed or ready to give up. Instead she reminds us to keep our eye on the prize or goal with support from a hint of magic that helps us to lighten up and play on our journey. In every situation we have a choice to focus on all the unfavorable circumstances that are always present…or, we can choose to bring our attention back to the goal at hand, however far away it may be–and inspire ourselves to take even a small step in that direction.
Everyday, in every moment, we are making that choice, whether we are conscious of it or not. For me personally, stepping up to make a women’s film, I am faced with the experience of panic almost everyday. It’s actually easier to allow myself to get caught up in the fear of failure versus doing the work of making it happen. But then, I’ve made a promise, publicly no less, and that commitment (with a little help from friends) forces me to come back to the goal and follow the little steps that lead down that path. It’s easier to stay small, stay confused, not to stand out, not to take a risk because there’s always the possibility of failure and oftentimes that knowledge is paralyzing. (Just like getting gripped on the edge of a cliff). Plus people like to throw rocks at things that stand out…to not take a risk is much less terrifying, but it’s also less fulfilling.

I have these moments of panic almost every day but then I remember who this project is for; the ladies and the little girls; to create a platform to be able to tell their story, to be bigger than circumstance, and to show the world what we all are capable of. After all “if she can do it, then so can…anyone.” When the panic sets in, usually first thing in the morning, I know it’s time to go outside and get some exercise in nature and then put my head back onto the track of the goal and take another step, write another email, make another phone call.

In the original design, a little girl was walking her Girafficorn. To me this represented keeping our magical friends at our side at all times, if we’re going to change the way the world is, we need some magical friends at our side to help keep us lit up. She’s got your back… keep your eye on the prize, take another deep breath… and jump, then do it again until one day, you’ve met your goal…..And you’re ready to start another one!

Founding Directors

Lynsey Dyer
Vanessa Pierce
Claire Smallwood

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  • Katie Bailey
  • Amy Bigbee
  • Liz Cunningham
  • Laura Dale
  • Megan Davin
  • Brooke Edwards
  • Kristen Firman
  • Cecile Giuge
  • Mel Harms
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  • Rachel Reich
  • Rebecca Selig
  • Dustin Stiffler
  • Hannah Whitney
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  • Britt Hermanski
  • And so many others…Thank you!


Board of Directors

  • Claire Smallwood
  • Lynsey Dyer
  • Vanessa Pierce
  • Hannah Whitney
  • Carla von Trapp Hunter
  • Meghan Kelly
  • Melissa Harms
  • Lindsey Clark
  • Tamra Geryk
  • Amy Bigbee